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Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Kori Schulman, White House Case Study: Tax Cut

The #40dollars campaign; you might have heard of it. It was a campaign on Twitter in which users posted what $40 a week would do for them using the hashtag #40dollars. The campaign opposed the end of a tax cut which would add about $40 a week taken for taxes from middle class payrolls. TheRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Katie Harbath, Political Campaigns & Facebook

Katie Harbath from Facebook kicked off her presentation by noting that there are more Facebook users in the U.S. that are eligible to vote than there were voters in the 2008 election. However, Facebook users are more likely to be involved politically than people that aren’t using Facebook. The reason for this, according to Harbath,Read… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Stephanie Schierholz, NASA Tweetup

People have tweeted in a lot of places, but who’d have thought that astronauts tweet from space? In 2010, NASA launched a new program in which they have astronauts tweet while they are circling the Earth. NASA also holds in-person tweetups (#NASATweetup) which help them gain media coverage, spread the word, diversify their audiences, andRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Gayle Weiswasser, The Power of Real Time Engagement

Weiswasser from the Discovery Network pointed out that as people are watching television, they are blogging about it, tweeting about it, and mentioning it on every existing social networking outlet. Discovery encourages this, because it builds hype for their programs, similar to water cooler buzz driving people to see a certain movie or eat aRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Social Media @ Large Organizations

Katharine Zaleski of the Washington Post pointed out that around the 2008 election, visitor numbers to their website was stagnating. “Why was it stagnating?”, she asked. The problem was that the Post wasn’t utilizing social media to its fullest potential. After this realization, they began investing in social media. They found that viewers to theirRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Amy Thibodeau (Facebook), Copy Matters: Content Strategy for the Interface

Thibodeau from Facebook discussed ways that Facebook is helping brands market and have a positive presence on Facebook. She knows that people want a dislike button, but the fact is that if there was a dislike button it would make Facebook a negative experience for many users and many companies. The people who post negativeRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Tim Washer, Humanizing B2B Brands with Social Video

Washer opened with videos to exemplify that we don’t need a ton of facts to build trust. However, many companies who do B2B don’t understand this, and think that the only way to have a successful B2B business strategy is with facts. Lots of facts. The people who feel this way do not realize that:Read… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Gwyne Kostin, Mobile: The Connected Customer

Gwyne Kostin began by asking the question “why is mobile important?” Mobile is important because the future is mobile, 96% of people from 18-35 have mobile phones; plus, more and more people are accessing the internet with mobile devices.The fact is, if you aren’t mobile, you’re missing out on an important aspect of the future.Read… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Major George Hood, Communication: The Lifeblood of all Organizations

Major Hood, who works for the Salvation Army, believes that communication in an organization needs to be a concerted effort. To do this, a finely tuned communications plan needs to be coordinated. Through communication, organizations are able to receive the resources they need. This includes primary resources, which are the capital, labor, and raw materialsRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Bonin Bough, Digital Fitness

Evolution is the beacon of culture, says Bough of Pepsi Co., and it only gets quicker with time, as exemplified by the iPad and other new forms of technology. Children today are being raised on the Internet, iPads, laptops, and X-Boxes. As a matter of fact, children try to swipe magazines and don’t understand whyRead… Read more »