What’s Up with City Pairs, GSA?

Have there recently been fewer flights being contracted by GSA, or is it just me? I can’t find a single one from Stuttgart, Germany to anywhere. From Frankfurt there still seem to be quite a few. Is it gas prices and all that? Are airlines just not bidding as much as they used to since they’re too busy trying not to go bankrupt?

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Frankfurt’s the hub so that’s usually the one they make you go through. However, that is quite annoying. I’m happy most of my flights are still direct but I’ve noticed airlines are actually eliminating a lot of flights.

L P O'Neil

In many places, alas not America, the train is faster than a short hop flight. Frankfurt is one of many EU cities with train stations at the international airport. On a high speed Inter-City direct, you can almost arrive in Stuttgart before a taxi from FRA airport reaches a downtown Frankfurt hotel.