What’s Your #1 Idea for Better Gov?

Our last crowdsourced endeavor was a real success — with dozens of GovLoopers contributing over 80 examples of points of interaction between citizens and government — so why not push our luck and try another?

With the election behind us, it’s time to focus on government, how it functions, and how that functioning can be improved to make gov work even better on behalf of the taxpayers it’s here to serve.

That’s why I’m asking anyone and everyone who has 30 seconds to spare to answer a very simple, straightforward question:

If you could change one thing about how your government operates, what would it be?

The idea is to solicit specific, concrete priorities for things citizens would most like to see their government change, improve, or tackle. Things like “change how contracts are awarded,” “reform campaign finance laws,” and “shorter lines at the DMV” are just a few ideas. Submissions can focus on local, state, or federal government.

Just click here to submit your idea:

After I get some data, I will post an update here with a breakdown of the priorities and ideas received. Thanks in advance for your insight and for helping out with this experiment in crowdsourcing!

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

This is a great idea. I submitted my number 1 idea. Can you please share them with everyone once you have the complete list? I’d like to see others’ ideas. That’s the advantage of using a system like IdeaScale to collect ideas.

Jeremy Cluchey

Thanks for your comment Terry. I am definitely planning to share the results here on GovLoop once there’s a critical mass, and I agree that an IdeaScale model would be very useful. Perhaps I can use that for the next iteration. Appreciate the feedback.

David B. Grinberg

Slash the bloated cadre of middle management and empower front line workers to get the job done working collectively and collaboratively with informal team leaders on a rotating basis — as needed.