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Usability Testing for .Govs: It’s the Law

The movement to assess and improve the usability of federal government websites is small, vocal, and growing. GSA’s First Fridays program makes free usability testing available to federal agencies, and a wide range of agencies have undertaken their own regular assessments of their sites and applications. Slowly but surely, the archaic mindset that a .govRead… Read more »

What’s Your #1 Idea for Better Gov?

Our last crowdsourced endeavor was a real success — with dozens of GovLoopers contributing over 80 examples of points of interaction between citizens and government — so why not push our luck and try another? With the election behind us, it’s time to focus on government, how it functions, and how that functioning can beRead… Read more »

Where exactly do citizens and gov interact?

The more I’ve thought about Citizen Experience — with its goal of reconsidering and improving the experience citizens have when they interact with government, both on and off the web — the more I find myself coming back to the same thought: we really need a list of all those points of interaction. I recognizeRead… Read more »

Live Video Chat on Home Foreclosure Mitigation Efforts – 7/2 at 12:30pm ET

GAO will be holding the third of our live streaming AskGAOLive video chats this Monday. TOPIC: Federal Efforts to Help Struggling Homeowners Keep Their Homes LINK: WHEN: Monday, July 2, at 12:30pm The chat will be based on a GAO report being released on this subject later today. You can submit questions for GAORead… Read more »

The Scourge of “Datalitism”

Data: It’s for Yuppies and Hipsters. That’s the message I’m hearing lately from more than a few companies that deal in data. It seems like more often than not, the messaging around data is, frankly, elitist — based on an assumption that data is something for people of means. Because I’m a sucker for aRead… Read more »