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When Government and the Private Sector Compete, Can Government Win?

All too often, the public assumes that government, when going toe-to-toe with the private sector, always loses. Even when we trumpet major successes of government (e.g. moon shot, arpanet), the public snickers and points to the private sector government contractors who supported these initiatives.

Now for the ask! Nineteen organizations have been identified as finalists in the “Future of Work” category for a 2012 SuperNova Award. These organizations include Citibank, IBM, 3M, Microsoft … and the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy, the only govie in the group! The award is more than a plaque, but potentially access to a collaborative network that will help eDiplomacy further innovate.

Would you be willing to:

  1. Go to the SuperNova Award page and vote for eDiplomacy? No need to sign up, log on or provide any information other than your vote. Seriously, it will take less time than reading this post.
  2. Send out the following tweet: 2012 SuperNova Awards: please vote for eDiplomacy in Future of Work category – only govie finalist! #SNA12 @eDipAtState

Thanks for your support!

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