where am I on mobile?

Galaxy tab 10.1 has certainly been my faithful companion for the last few weeks. It went to Ohio and provided entertainment on the plane then two long days of taking notes during meetings. I had 4G in Columbus so everything seemed to move at light speed. Most of all it was totally trouble free, only charged at night went I went to sleep at 11 so all day plus battery and that instant on just works thing is so nice. There is also a cool factor and something new I discovered. When you are in a business meting these days most people have some tech, the meetings I was in had several people with laptops and from my perspective they seemed to be playing battleship. A tablet lays flat on the table and sometimes I type with just one hand or lean back in my chair. Not the laptop crowd, they are hunched over behind their tiny monitors banging keys, interesting. I kept expecting someone to cry, “you sank my battle ship”. Why do they seem stressed and I feel at ease?

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Jeff Ribeira

Haha. The imagery of laptop users “playing battleship” is great! That’s all I’m going to be thinking about the next time I’m in a meeting.