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Making State Legislation Accessible for All

Reposted from: All my life, I’ve been passionate about social justice. In 2006, I proudly became the CIO for New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, where I help make our operations as efficient and transparent as possible.One of the most important responsibilities at the Attorney General’s office is to review and give feedback toRead… Read more »

Is Microsoft Office 365 Secure?

I love new stuff especially when it’s as hyped as being an online solution for a mobile user like me. So naturally I was excited to try out the new Office 365. My best experience with Office was back in my college days when I was writing alot of papers. I had my styles perfectlyRead… Read more »

I’m at it again. What will I say this time about gov, technology and saving money?

Looks like it’s my turn in the barrel for another webinar about how govs can save money and increase efficiency by using modern technology. I have to admit that I am a bit keyed up about the direction technology is heading and now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities. Too often govsRead… Read more »

Who owns that App Store purchase

Well here is a sticky situation… We are replacing some of the out of service life laptops with iPads and at a third of the cost for new laptops. I love saving money and bonus, much better equipment. iPads are the IT dream portable; they never break, backup in a snap, and if it isRead… Read more »