Where in the World Do Your Wear Your ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt?

ClearedJobs.Net is launching its annual “Where in the world do you wear your ClearedJobs.Net T?” event to celebrate the end of a highly successful Cleared Job Fair season as well as to support and encourage its security cleared job seeking community during what can often be a challenging job market given the summer period.

The ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt has become an integral part of ClearedJobs.Net, its Cleared Job Fairs and its relationships with the community of security cleared job seekers. “We started providing T-shirts to job seekers at our Cleared Job Fairs in 2007 and it grew into a seasonal program with a new design each season. The T-shirts were first just given to our military community members to thank them for their service, but as more and more people saw them we realized anyone who wanted a shirt could get one,” says Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer for ClearedJobs.Net.

The ClearedJobs.Net T-Shirts have found their way into the community utilizing different promotions such as the whimsical “Twitter Happy Hours” online where ClearedJobs.Net T-shirts are given away to any @ClearedJobsNet followers who “tweet” or send in their requests. Other t-shirt giveaways the security cleared job board has participated in include:

• Free t-shirts sent along with quarterly military care packages to U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan
• More than 200 t-shirts given away each year to Cleared Job Fair job seekers
• Special t-shirts designed for recruiters who are voted the Best Recruiters by the job seekers and are presented them at the Best Recruiter event at the end of the year.
• Special occasion t-shirt giveaways during major sport events such as March Madness

According to Smith, the security cleared job board gets lots of great stories about each T-shirt given away. “We hear interesting, fun t-shirt stories regularly from both staff members and from our job seekers, “says Smith. “One woman wrote in to inform us our long-sleeved shirt was her favorite pajama top. Another woman learned about our Cleared Job Fairs and subsequently told her husband about them because she had seen someone wearing our t-shirt at a local Wegmans. Some job seekers have come back to a Cleared Job Fair looking for the new edition of the shirt as they continue their career search. ”

The company’s summer T-shirt event this year will have two components:

Fan, friend and follower-contributed photos
Folks are welcome to submit photos of themselves or anyone wearing a ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt by:
• emailing photos to [email protected]
• uploading photos to ClearedJobs.Net Facebook’s page at http://www.facebook.com/ClearedJobsNet
• uploading photos to Twitter via TwitPic (http://www.twitpic.com) using hashtag #clearshirt

After photos have been collected, they will be posted online and anyone can vote on the one winning photo that best represents “Where in the world do you wear your ClearedJobs.Net T?” theme. Last year’s winning entry was of a woman wearing her ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt while skydiving! Photo entries will be accepted from June 24, 2009 through August 24, 2009.

“Where in DC is this ClearedJobs.Net T?
ClearedJobs.Net team members will upload three photos of themselves at very specific locations in the Washington D.C. area. Each photo will be uploaded on the Facebook page and on Twit Pic so that interested parties can guess the person’s exact location in D.C. This aspect of the T-shirt promotion will be launched August 1, 2009.

“Our T-shirt events aren’t just about us or our Cleared Job Fairs,” says Smith. “The shirts are about our community and how we are all connected. Finding a job and transitioning from the military are not easy and it’s helpful to know there is a company helping the job seeker through this phase. This is a fun, easy way to get the word out about this important segment of job seekers today.”

There will be one winner for each of these two contests. Winners will win a $500 American Express gift card each and will be announced by Monday, August 31, 2009..

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