Where is it written that the National Christmas tree has to be lit during rush hour on a Thursday?

In my long career in government I have sat in traffic the most hours because of this event. 4:30pm on a week day? Really?

Does it break some law to push it to a Saturday? Or how about at 7pm when the rush hour traffic has fled the city?

If anyone here has some influence over this mistimed ritual, or knows someone who does, PLEASE, say something.

I know I may be alone in this, but considering it’s effect on traffic, I have always considered this event to be a terrorist attack on drivers in the District of Columbia.

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Peter Sperry

I drive in on tree lighing day every year because the suburban commuter buses go on “emergency” schedule and stop picking up passengers in downtown. Instead they want everyone to take metro to Springfield or Falls Church. There is no reason why the tree could not be lit on a Saturday, or just let the secularists have their way and stop government Christmas ceremonies altogether. They have become so watered down they no longer have any meaning, so why bother?

Andy Gravatt

It is pretty amazing to hear the warnings on the radio coming into work this morning about the traffic nightmare we’ll all face this evening. At least when the traffic gets snarled by weather, we aren’t the ones making it snow!!!

Does anyone know the logic behind this schedule? Are they hoping all of us will stop by after work?

Ed Albetski

I think they do this on the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Why can’t they do it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving? They can schedule all the singers and dancers and speechifiers they want then without holding up homeward bound workers. Really, it’s like they purposefully TRY to inconvenience the working class…