Where’s The Payoff?

Bruce is a longtime friend and a now a blogger on Sales Lab Posts. He has a unique and useful way of looking at the world, read here, here, and here.

We were celebrating his most recent post, when he said, “You know, I don’t feel anything when I post. When I make a great (tennis) shot or a great sale, I get a rush. With a blog post, I’m mostly glad it’s done.”

I feel the same way. I mostly have questions about whether each post is any good. And maybe I’m relieved I’m closer to my two-a-week goal.
But there are some awesome rewards.
I like it when I see an idea becoming real over successive blog posts.
I like when a post links to good stuff.
I like when I learn something I hadn’t considered before.
I like that I am cultivating some patches of thinking. Going back over time on a blog shows development.
And I like best when someone comments and adds to the knowledge.
Mike Sansone thinks a blog post is like A Taste On A Toothpick. You need a few to make a full meal.
What taste of this did you like best?
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