CFCNCA Keyworkers make things happen.

The CFCNCA is spotlighting Keyworkers who contribute to the success of the campaign. Meet Lisa DePaolo, one of the thousands of volunteers who are making a difference.

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Lisa DePaolo
In her first year as a Keyworker, Lisa DePaolo of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture saw the value of special events and activities to reach CFCNCA donors. One activity that has a lot of people talking is collecting change with a Penny Wars competition.

“So far, Penny Wars has been a great success,” she said. “Not only are people excited that their coins this year are not just sitting in a jar at home, but that they actually go to numerous charities.”

DePaolo has enjoyed meeting over half the employees in her designated group, something that never would have happened if she hadn’t stepped up to volunteer. Lisa’s message to donors? “When people ask me why they should donate, I tell them “why not?” Some believe donating a dollar here and there does not have an effect on the different charities, but anything helps!”

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