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White House Shows Off Science Fair Through Vine

What do you get when you combine a bunch of science geeks and a new technology app? The first government Vine of course! Bill Nye the Science Guy, LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, anyone?), and another woman posted a 6 second welcome video to the students participating in the White House Science Fair.

A few weeks ago I told you about the GSA finalizing some government-friendly terms of service with Vine. It looks like the White House is the first organization to jump on board and the use of Vine seems picture perfect for this type of scenario. They’re promoting their Vine videos through Twitter, which owns Vine, to reach the broadest base of citizens that they can.

Throughout the day the White House posted more students’ science projects on Vine giving people outside the White House a quick and easy inside look at the innovations. My personal favorite is the one of President Obama riding a stationary bike-powered water filtration system.

It will be interesting to see how agencies and organizations other than the White House, which seems to be using it in more of a PR aspect, will utilize Vine. The 6 second videos posted yesterday have all received a few hundred retweets on Twitter, just one view into how powerful these snippets of information could become.

Do you have any tips for agencies who may want to start recording some 6 second Vines? What are the challenges to using Vine that agencies will have to deal with?

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