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Had another request to “ghostblog” for a CEO. It usually goes like, “Well you started us on social media, you know what we do, why don’t you write it for me?”
I’m starting to think that if someone has the ability to do the CEO blog, maybe they have the ability to be the CEO. It’s a new time, calling for new skills.
I’ve gained several advantages from blogging.
First, I have to figure out what I believe a couple of times a week. I can remember when strategic planning was a one time, off-site boondoggle, then we made annual binders that sat on the shelf. Today, strategic
direction should be meaningfully altered quarterly.
What if a regular blog was your opportunity to update your strategic understanding of your situation? Certainly things are changing faster.
I find the ideas and words people put in a post subsequently show up in their conversations, become a part of their culture.
Remember listening to “a legend in his own mind” hijack a group meeting? Something about the prospect of showing up foolish in front of a hundred thousand interested stakeholders concentrates the mind.
Sure blogging is a new skill, and sure you can expect to get better at it. But it’s fast and quickly becomes a potent channel for getting the word out.
I’ve heard ABOUT the FUD, what could happen, but I haven’t seen anything other than new, better understandings of reality from bloggers. (If you go to the link, browse around to learn about ESR, one of my heroes, and CatB, his baby.)
Today is Veterans Day. The Veterans Administration is working full bore to improve service to veterans. One new, high possibility service is their new blog, VAntage Point. In spite of what COULD go wrong, they are already accomplishing for their people.
Today is Veterans Day. Head over to Vantage Point and support them with your comment. Start your blogging there.
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