Why City Councils Make Dumb Decisions

Every city council makes dumb decsions. I know it, I’ve participated in a few. The question is, why?

You can find the answer to that question and more in the new ebook Why Your City Council Makes Dumb Decisions … And What You Can Do About It.

The ebook is free. No registration needed. No email needed to get on a mailing list you don’t want to be on. Nothing.

The ebook can be found at WWW.AcademyOfLocalPolitics.Com.

(I didn’t link the address to the ebook because I’ve had problems with links on this blog.)

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Pam Broviak

I read your book with interest because I have worked for local government most of my 26 year career. At my last job, where I was for about 15 years, I worked under very good aldermen and extremely bad aldermen. Your book has good advice, but I wondered why you didn’t also suggest listening to, talking with, and trusting the government employees who operate the city and advise aldermen about the issues on which they are voting.

From my experience, many “dumb decisions” could be completely avoided if the aldermen spent some time talking to the employees who live the job each day. And if they actually took the advice that was presented to them at council meetings. I realize in very small communities there can be little to no staff, but for cities that have staff, they serve as an excellent resource.

Al Arnold


I agree. At times staff can be an excellent resource. Other times, they aren’t.

If an alderman sticks around long enough they learn which staff members they can trust for good advice. I would never tell a new alderman to blindly trust city staff for advice. Some staff are only out to protect their little empire and build it if possible. The inner politics of city staff could be a book by itself.