Why SF Is A Better Place To Work On Your Startup Than NYC

I’m out here in SF this week, working from pariSoma, and totally loving everything about it. And as I spend my week working, I’ve been thinking about the difference between the NYC startup scene (where I work) and the one here. This morning, riding the ferry back from a meeting, I came up with this list as to why SF is a better place to work on your startup than NYC.

These are all based on experiences and observations I’ve had over the past few days

1. By the time you open your computer, people in NYC have been at work for 3 hours already, answering your emails. You get to start your day with answers to your questions.
2. You can take a ferry ride to a meeting (I’m doing that now in fact!)
3. Early-stage startups can easily find more than 500 sq ft for their office space, and maybe even have a space to themselves.
4. You can get a sun tan at a meeting (did that yesterday).
5. When you meet a stranger at a cafe/bar/event, chances are pretty good they’re founders of a startup, work in a startup or have siblings who do. Everyone is in startups. Startups are the meat and potatoes of SF.
6. “Entrepreneur” is a term that in SF can apply equally to people in their 40s, 50s and beyond as much as to people in their 20s.
7. San Francisco has a Director of Innovation watching out for you – how many cities can say the same?

Coming from NYC, SF feels like a place totally bent on innovation, a place that believes in the future, where you can work alongside the best minds and lead the good, relaxed life to boot.

How can you beat that?

Up next: Why NYC Is A Better Place To Work On Your Startup Than SF.

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