William Hilarides at Helm of NAVSEA’s Post-Shooting Recovery

The head of the Naval Sea Systems Command has spoken to Defense News for his first public comments since the Sept. 16 shooting at the Navy Yard that killed 16 people.

Vice Adm. William Hilarides spoke to reporter Christopher Cavas for an interview to discuss how he is working to lead the command after the shooting.

Among the items on NAVSEA’s agenda include helping personnel recover from the trauma and restoring the building from physical damage suffered during the incident.

“We spun up all the resources of the government, sprint teams from all over the East Coast,” Hilarides said to Defense News. “We facilitated many, many grieving sessions, and story-telling sessions, and the kinds of things that help people get through it.”

Hilarides also told Cavas NAVSEA awarded a design contract for work on Building 197 in order to have options.

“My intent is to move the entrance around to the front of the building, the river side, maybe a circular drive and a memorial to the 12 in the center so you can see it from the river walk and from the building,” Hilarides told Defense News.

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