Wind Energy – Are We Making Better Predictions?

This is the second time that we’ve posted about 3Tier’s wind maps on this blog. The last time we wrote about them, the data for the 3rd quarter of 2010 was in, and the news was good. Not only were wind speeds up in the US, but 3Tier largely anticipated the increase.

Today, we’re posting more of the same, and in this case “more of the same” is great news. It’s great to hear that wind speeds were above their seasonal average in Q4 of 2010, but it’s also great to see the prediction come true, particularly for a resource as famously shifty as the wind.

While two quarters don’t make a trend, or signify a significant breakthrough in wind prediction technology, what is does say is that companies like 3Tier clearly seem to be doing something right – they’re predicting increases and we’re seeing those predictions verified in the quarterly data.

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