Winning Business from the Federal Government – Part 4

Today we are posting two parts from our series on winning business from the Federal Government. If you have missed any of the earlier posts on this, you can find all of the previous posts by scrolling down to find Monday, Tuesday and today’s earlier post.

Part four features two tips. So without further delay, here they are:

green target6. Understand the government purchasing takes place all the time and everywhere. Target the agency or agencies most likely to use your product and learn where and how they purchase. Then target one program or area. Of if your product is universally applicable (green cleaning supplies, for example), focus on one agency or type of program while you work on getting on a GSA schedule.

7. Contact 8A program directors/officers in each agency. They all have one and their job is to help you get contracts. Focus on the agency with the most opportunity to use your product or service. Explore the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Green Contracting Opportunities and become familiar with how the federal government purchases green products and service

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