Winning Business from the Federal Government – Part 5

Today’s tips point out that the task of winning business from the Federal Government usually isn’t done alone. Finding partners and experts who have been down this road before is a great way to avoid pitfalls and, hopefully, help your green business find success in working with the government.

business partnershipHere are today’s tips:

8. Look at partnering opportunities. All of the major government contractors are always seeking 8a partners because part of every contract has to go to 8a firms. So they create partnering agreements and basically bring you in with them. Register on to find potential teaming partners that can help you compete for green contracts. Also join the various government contracting groups on Linked-in.

9. Hire a consultant with contacts into the agency or program most likely to be willing and able to test and purchase your product. This isn’t a magic solution either, unfortunately, but you get a realistic estimate of what the timeline and costs might be. Here again, ask for references and check them.

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