Wisdom of the Clouds at DHS Open Cybersecurity Summit Oct 18 in DC

In 2009 I received a phone call from the Policy Office at the Department of Homeland Security. At the time, I personally did not know a soul at DHS and have never envisioned I would be called upon to share best practices for government open source software projects with the federal government. But there it was, the most senior exec in charge of policy for DHS, impressed by an open source project that a state-level public saftey community had created, working with his staff to understand how his agency might think about open source to replicate the same kind of benefits to information sharing and cost-savings elsewhere.

Now having returned to the public sector, but continuing to write extensively on issues of national security, I’m delighted Stewart Baker will join us at the first annual Open Cybersecurity Summit to share some of this thinking…

Stewart A. Baker, former Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Homeland Security, will provide the keynote address. Baker is a recognized expert in government policy, law enforcement and international cybersecurity matters. In addition to his service at DHS, he served as General Council for the National Security Agency and is now a partner in private legal practice in Washington, DC.

Mr. Baker’s keynote entitled “Clouds, Crowds and Spies” will address challenges facing foreign and domestic threats to US military and civilian technology networks.

Abstract: For the first time in decades, an entirely new warfighting technology is threatening global military balance and disrupting future strategies. Network intrusions can be used for espionage and disruption of military and civilian infrastructure. Finding ways to prevent such intrusions is critical to national security. We must understand how to effectively use all technologies at our disposal, including open source software and crowd-sourced technologies as part of our national cybersecurity strategy.

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