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Guaranteed Prediction: Gain Incredible ROI at PAWGOV 2015!

There is no doubt that one of today’s hottest technologies is predictive analytics. Over the past several years, this approach to uncovering value in the massive amounts of data produced daily has been slowly expanding its way through government at all levels. Finding the successful implementers of predictive analytics within government can be challenging. ToRead… Read more »

The Power of Prediction: Bridging the Gap between Government and Efficiency

Most Americans would probably agree that government—at all levels—is less than competent when it comes to efficiently managing taxpayer money. If you conduct a web search on “wasteful government spending,” you will be presented with a multitude of results that highlight the sad reality of government waste. Yet, despite this grim view of government operations,Read… Read more »

Technology is changing- learn how to grow with it!

Next week (February 9-10, 2015), Esri is holding a Federal GIS Conference to inspire government employees to share ideas, best practices, and more. Over 3000 government professionals and leaders will join together in Washington, D.C. to combat real-world challenges with real solutions that utilize GIS technology. Esri technology is helping the government become more resilientRead… Read more »