WMATA launches online reload feature for SmarTrip cards

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (DC) customers now have the option to add value to their SmarTrip cards online. The launch follows a successful trial with about 150,000 riders. “Customers can now go online rather than getting in line,” said general manager and CEO Richard Sarles in a statement. “This is the latest — but certainly not the last — example of how we are going to use technology to improve our customers’ travel experience.” Updates are not exactly instantaneous, however, and customers must complete the transaction in person by touching their card to a target, such as a Metrorail fare gate, vending machine, or bus farebox. Metro further advises passengers to allow up to one business day for the value to show up in their accounts after touching a card to a rail fare gate or vending machine and up to three business days at a bus farebox.

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