Wonderful new videos from the Bertelsmann Foundation

A few days ago, the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Bertelsmann Foundation in the U.S.) added a bunch of new videos to its YouTube channel. They really are must-see videos for people in our field; they’re very well-made videos (about 4 minutes long each) that feature the finalists in the 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize. I can see the videos being used in the classroom, in workshops, as part of presentations to local government, and so much more.

I just added them to my dialogue & deliberation playlists on YouTube, where you can find hundreds of D&D-related videos.

With the 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize, the Bertelsmann Stiftung wants to bring new momentum to the debate on how democratic systems can be made “future ready” by helping them respond to current and future challenges. As many of you know, the 7 finalists of the Mohn Prize (to be awarded this spring) emerged from an international search to identify innovative, exemplary approaches to strengthening democracy through citizen engagement.

Check out the videos for these finalists:

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Allen Sheaprd

The Portsmouth Listens video shows people making the impact they want. Yes one can go to city council. City wide projects need more than a 15 min presentatioin.

IMO the best part shows people saying what they want instead of government guessing. IMO this applies to *all* levels of local, federal, state and tribal governments. Some tribal governments seem to do the best job. They focus on a future not just needs.