Work/Life Balance: Know Your Priorities

Some people were raised with the belief that you work hard every day and you will get promoted as well as earn enough money to care for your family. The term work-life balance is the harmonious blend of one’s personal and professional goals. But is this concept a reality for everyone or a passing dream?

It depends on the goals you identify for yourself. Some people may believe the accumulation of title after title is the “master plan” for their destiny with 100% effort focused on their careers. And that is alright if that is what you seek. Others realize that work is part of the bigger picture which includes family, children and friends.

Employees are often encouraged to create a 5-year plan outlining their career goals to share with their manager. Take out that plan or create a new one by adding a list of personal goals based on some of the topics below.

Work Life Balance:

  • Conduct a personal assessment of your skills
  • Determine your preferred job
    • Focus on the type of work you want to do instead of a specific job title
    • Consider the role you want (leader, manager or staff)
    • Decide if you need additional skills to prepare for a career change
  • Identify the type of work environment that interests you
  • Shadow a person who has the type of job you seek to obtain a real-world glimpse of their daily work routine
  • Learn more about the skills required for the career you seek and take additional training as needed
  • Talk with your manager to achieve the ideal work schedule (full time, flex schedule or part-time)
    • Schedule in the fun with family and friends

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