Workplace Communication: Don’t MUTE ME.

Workplace communication is major factor to a successful and healthy work environment. It’s amazing to me how team members and upper management can turn their heads to certain workplace issues, project risks and issues and still expect success. If one does not embrace transparency, collaboration and effective communication most projects will fail.

Top Level communication: Excellent workplace communication starts at the top of a Federal department/agency, company or organization. Leaders and managers at the top have to set the pace for the entire work place.

Manager & Employee communication: One of the most interesting working relationships is between the first level manager and employee. As a corporate rebel, I have had some interesting conversations, debates and weekly staff meetings with my current and past managers. Every manager communicates different and as the employee you have to adapt to all management styles.

Team work communication: If your first and second level mangers have good communication skills, most of the time project level teams work well under these types of managers. Team work requires a lot of effective and productive communication. Keeping track of meeting notes, action items, risks and issues is the key to a successful project planning and maintenance.

If your workplace has bad communication issues, remember to document via email all conversations, meeting notes and assigned tasks.

You can try to remote control me and mute me, but I can document you like a DVR . Kanika Tolver

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