The World of Big Data as a Service: The Next Big Thing

With overwhelming usage of accessible technology in everyday life, there has been massive increase in data amount that are available to businesses today. The most practical usage of data is to manage and store it so as to achieve productivity and remain in the front row of the competition. But how companies can gain competitive advantage with such sophisticated aggregated sets of data available over the Internet world? It’s possible with the next big thing of data analytics – Big Data as a Service!

In basic terms, Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) is a mix of platform as a service, software as a service, & data as a service and complex large amount of data. The Big Data as a Service technology has become an influential opportunity for small & medium-sized organizations. BDaaS is a nebulous term and a form of managed services. The main goal of BDaaS technology is to provide valuable insights to increase innovation and revenues of organizations. Businesses can leverage BDaaS services to get actionable results from big data, but they need to have:

  • Service-oriented architecture with high functionality
  • Cloud virtualization capabilities
  • Business intelligence tools

A good example of BDaaS service is the Analytics for Twitter service provided by IBM. This service provides companies having Twitter account to access data on Twitter’s 280 million active users. IBM’s service helps businesses to analyze user tweets and take advantage of them for their business. When you take BDaaS service from provider, they take on the roles of data protection, analysis and prediction plus help you to store data on their servers. There are four types of BDaaS services that businesses can benefit from:

Core BDaaS: By implementing only the minimal platforms such as Hadoop, YARN, HDFS, and Hive, the Core BDaaS has been around for few years and used by companies for irregular workloads.

Performance BDaaS: It includes basic infrastructure and other software & hardware services to optimize business performance for specific purposes. This service helps to scale up computing potential and perform virtualization at predictable costs

Feature BDaaS: The feature-driven BDaaS focuses on abstraction and productivity, thus allowing businesses to go beyond Hadoop ecosystem offerings.

Integrated BDaaS: Integrated BDaaS is yet to be offered by providers. This service will comprise Feature and Performance BDaaS, which could maximize performance while providing full support to business experts.

The road ahead…
Be it financial, retail or public sector, BDaaS can upgrade business efficiency through data processing software and analytics. However, for making BDaaS really work for your organization, you need to ensure that the data is protected and have well-designed governance & your business has tiered data strategy & cloud storage services. The only way to get the most from your Big Data is by hiring a provider of cloud services for businesses. It will help you transform your business successfully in the cloud through Big Data analytics services. Cheaper data storage, ubiquitous data collection, faster data processing, better insights and business growth!! Because of these ‘big’ benefits, BDaaS would get integrated into the enterprise world completely by 2016.

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