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Would you “Like” Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?

Here’s the question, right up front.

How would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce use social media to promote their clients’ products? (Before you say, “they would have no use for it, as advertisers in the 60s,” let’s just pretend.) Obviously, they’d use it. It’s a great marketing tool, and their clients would expect a great social media campaign from this über creative agency. Would they be at the forefront of the movement with new thinkers, or would Don and Roger brush it off as a fad that would go down in flames and waste their design time and money? Think about the hard time Harry still has in 1966 selling ad space on TV with its exponentially expanding media audience. Roger doesn’t really care about TV advertising. (Let’s go ahead and compare that to government, while we’re thinking about different generations adapting to new media, shall we?)

What if it seems to backfire, à la the “equal opportunity” ad they placed in the paper to try to poke a rival agency? We hear stories about social media advertising problems occasionally, usually when an outside agency is hired to Facebook or Tweet for a company. Not only does voice not translate correctly, the message might be totally off. Case in point: Belvedere Vodka. #Fail.

Finally, I’m really sorry for another MM internet post, but c’mon. After waiting a year and a half for a new episode, I really think everyone is entitled to at least one.

(That’s me with a martini after a hard day writing ad copy.)

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