Your LinkedIn Opinion: Would you find this offensive?

I connect with people all of the time on the big three LI, FB and TW. When I connect to you on LinkedIn it means I like to have you as a connection, but I may not necessarily want to get constant updates from you – especially in my email inbox. That is my own private space, and I only let a few lucky people in there.

I just had a very interesting incident happen to me. A couple of hours ago I received an email from a network member on LinkedIn. This was not to a group – it was specifically to me and several other people. As “newsy/informational” as it looked it was definitely an ad. Red lights and buzzers go off in my. No thanks. The response I sent (via email, because that is where it came from was as follows:

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Denise Hill


That is why I have a couple of email addresses that I monitor. I use those for sites that I do not want to receive incoming from. I do not review the mailboxes. It’s just like not receiving the messages and I don’t get that phone call.

Having me read the rest of the story is an effective way of directing me to your web site.

Denise Hill

I am not sure that everyone on Linkedin has the same expectation on the use of email. Which will lead me to create a Blog entry. A more direct response to your original question is “Depends” (on a couple of other conditions). From the outside looking in…….

I would have sent you an email to discuss however……. : )

Ari Herzog

It’s not offensive and here’s why: You signed a social contract when you agreed to be connected to someone. Moreso on LinkedIn and Facebook than on Twitter, where LI/FB require mutuality. You are free to delete the message, or react as you did; but offense is unwarranted.

Adam Arthur

I’m glad you brought up this discussion, because I don’t like the salesman-ad thing either. Be careful of pointing people to your website, though. Some on GovLoop consider this in “bad taste” by promoting yourself in this manner. You should do a complete blog entry within the confines of GovLoops platform. I personally don’t have a huge problem with it, but you might feel a backlash from others and be compared to the very thing you got upset about yourself. Just a heads-up.