You’ve Never Seen the World Cup Like This Before

Futbol, soccer, fußball, Футбол, futebol. No matter how you say it, I think we can all agree that soccer is an international sport. And every four years we are blessed with the greatness that is the FIFA World Cup.

During the month-long spectacle, thousands of people from around the world journey to the tournament host country; millions more continuously huddle around their television sets, unable to turn away. I was fortunate to be in Austria during the 2006 World Cup hosted in Germany. On game days tourists and residents alike flocked to the city centers, where bleachers and jumbo-trons were set up for communal viewing. The ambiance was electric, as people rallied in pride for their nations’ teams.

The chance to go to the World Cup is a dream shared by many. With GIS mapping technology, Esri brings the full 2014 Brazil World Cup experience to your front door – or, I suppose, your laptop or PC. Esri recently launched a collection of interactive maps chronicling the entire tournament. From tracking game updates to exploring local entertainment hot spots, the maps allow the user to engage with the World Cup on an unparalleled level.

Check out the following ten maps, and embark on an adventure throughout Brazil and the world’s favorite sporting event – both on and off the field:

Team USA Roster – Explore the hometowns of the USA squad and learn more about each player’s career.

World Cup Venues – Take a virtual tour of the 12 different stadiums throughout Brazil. Learn about the unique architectural inspirations for each venue.

World Cup Dashboard – Get up to date on everything World Cup. Track games, learn about teams with this overarching tournament map.

World Cup History – Recount records from World Cups passed. Track results from the 1930 tournament through today.

Belo Horizonte Restaurants
– Bom apetite! Feast your eyes upon delicious local eats and delicacies in the host city of Belo Horizonte.

Golden Greats – Learn about players awarded the Golden Ball, Golden Boot, and Golden Glove – the best footballers throughout time.

Brazil Beyond the Stadiums – Explore the many unique regions of Brazil, from vibrant Rio de Janeiro to the dense Amazon jungles.

World Cup Through Time – This map serves as a World Cup time capsule. Relive every tournament since 1930.

World Cup Host Countries – Go beyond Brazil and look back at all of the countries to host the World Cup, including South Africa and Germany.

World Cup Shortlist – In a hurry to get back to watching the games? This map gives a quick snapshot of all you need to know for this year’s tournament.

Maps are a powerful tool for telling stories. Vivid images paired with geospatial locators allow the user to virtually relive historical events and connect to the World Cup like never before. Though nothing beats witnessing the World Cup in person, this collection of maps from Esri immerses you in a 360-degree World Cup experience from Brazil and beyond.

Esri was founded in 1969, it realized even then that geographic information system (GIS) technology could make a difference in society. GIS helps people to solve problems at local, regional, national, and global scales. Access maps and apps at Be sure to check out all the
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