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Zafesoft: Next Generation Content Security

Zafesoft provides enterprises with new means of securing content while ensuring users get access to the info they need.

The designers of the technology are some of the greatest minds in the security business. The company CEO, Sandeep Tiwari is a world renowned IT business professional with extensive experience in delivering functionality at scale. He has also created technologies and has a history of success. Zafesoft’s co-founder A Shukla has two decades of successful technology creation experience and a proven track record of delivering security systems. Zafesoft’s chief technical advisor is the world famous inventor of SSL. He created SSL while the chief scientist at Netscape, and through compelling vision and well thought out algorithms he led the community in turning this capability into one of the most scalable security systems on the globe.

This team has delivered capable solutions and should be cause enough to get your attention.

So, what is it that their capability Zafesoft will do?

Imagine you had access to the greatest technical talent and a deep understanding of enterprise needs around data security, software functionality and mission. What would you design a system to be able to do?

Zafesoft probably exceeds your requirements for security while keeping data functional for users.

Here is a bit of info from the Zafesoft website:

Organizations need to share sensitive information with employees, contractors, third parties, vendors and others. These needs can be divide into two broad categories:

1. Read Only Sharing – Such as PDF or other files shared with multiple users across organizations. Authorized users can only ‘view’. Users cannot copy, paste, edit , print screen, screen scrape, or otherwise take the secure content. The sharing could be time constrained.

2. Sharing with Edit – Such as DOC, PDF, XLS or other files can be securely shared, edited, and collaborated upon. They are never available to unauthorized users. The users with edit rights can edit content in its native editor, without new learning. The information is secure from print screen or screen scraping etc. The content is NOT stored in the CLOUD.

There is also a need by department or project, or roll-up but not roll-down security.

1. Sharing by Department/Project – For information that needs to be shared within a department or a project, but NOT across them. The users that belong to multiple projects will be able to work with information from the multiple projects, but not copy from one to the other.

Zafesoft ‘s security and tracking of sensitive information in office or text files allows users to view, edit, copy, paste, and otherwise use this information, creating new documents or pasting portions of it into other files, with complete ease of use.

Product Features:

  • Secures information in files (such as .doc, .pdf, .xls, .txt, database reports, etc.)
  • The secured information is accessed in its native editor (no proprietary reader or conversion needed).
  • The information is persistently secure, no matter where it goes or portions of it go.
  • The secure information or files are never stored on a Zafesoft cloud or hosting server.
  • Information is secure and available to users inside and outside the network.
  • Information is secure and available online or offline (live internet access not required).
  • Information is secure on a USB/Flash drive always (expensive encrypted USB/Flash drive not needed).
  • Information is secure when attached to emails, and distributed anywhere.
  • Information is secure when stored in the cloud (like Google docs, Web collaboration, public Wiki’s etc.)
  • Information remains secure, once an employee or contractor leaves the organization, even if a copy of the file is made, it is no longer accessible.
  • Information can be made view-only.
  • ‘Print’ can be controlled (on or off). Print to PDF files are also secure.
  • ‘Copy’ can be controlled (on or off).
  • ‘Paste’ can be controlled (on or off).
  • ‘Save’ can be controlled (on or off).
  • Information can be edited, with the native editor (like MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, MS Excel etc.) and remains secure, after its copied to other files or formats.
  • Files can be accessed on Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • Expiration policy supported; by date, relative period, per file or all files.
  • Rich access logs are generated, of all access worldwide.
  • Automated logs for compliance reporting (HIPAA, PCI).
  • Information is secure from screen capture, and Snag-It.
  • Secure information can be UNSHARED, so further access can be disabled remotely.
  • No passwords. Users click through a one-time authentication process.
  • Easy to use, transparent to end user, with full functionality.
  • No complicated policy management.
  • With Z-Discovery: Enterprise wide data discovery, classification, and security.
  • With Z-Discovery: Continuous monitoring of computers, networks, server for sensitive data, its classification and auto ‘zafe’ to mitigate enterprise risk.
  • Integration with any DLP solution to provide content level security for sensitive data inside or outside the firewall.

For more info on the ZafeSoft capability see:


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