Cross Gen Communication & Engagement in the Public Sector: Scott Span

Generational diversity is one of many areas of diversity in today’s
business environment. Just like dealing with racial and gender
diversity, any of the diversity factors that go unaddressed can
negatively impact an organization from various fronts. GovLooper and also Next Generation of Government Speaker Scott Span, President of Tolero Solutions, Organizational Development
& Change Consulting is well versed in the topic.

In fact Scott will be tackling that issue next week in his session at the NGG Summit in Arlington. Here is a short podcast to get you pumped:

Span addresses in this podcast:

1. Generational characteristics and what that means for the workforce

2. Challenges the public sector/government has in terms of recruiting

3. Key tips that Gen Y’s need when entering the government workforce

You can get all this live at the Next Generation of Government Summit next week!

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