Daily Dose: Beauty Queens and Government Geeks

What do beauty queens and government geeks have in common?

They both appeared at an event last week in which OPM Director John Berry applauded recent advances in Federal hiring reform, according to the Washington Post’s Joe Davidson:

Federal hiring reform efforts ‘moving in right direction

Davidson explains:

It was one of those uniquely Washington moments.

A beauty queen led a toast Monday to improvements in the federal hiring process. Let’s hail the new and bid farewell to the old, said Jen Corey, Miss D.C. 2009.

In a statement issued before the toast, John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, explained the reason that government geeks and those who want to be one are celebrating.

Today is an important milestone for the hiring reform we need to best serve and protect the American people,” he said. “Six months ago, President Obama directed all agencies to hire based on resumes, eliminate KSA essays, and reduce time to hire. We’ve made substantial progress, and we’re making sure everyone knows that there’s no turning back.”

On GovLoop, we’ve seen quite a few posts on hiring reform that report mixed results – 2 steps forward and a few steps back.

What are you seeing in your agency? Any obvious changes?

Are you driving that change?

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Wow… this seems to be quite the topic… with Candace Riddle’s post we see that they can be one and the same… here, the beauty queen is highlighting advancements/improvements in the federal hiring process. Interesting. Any way to expedite the hiring process and to make a career in government more accessible/appealing to more Americans are steps in the right direction.