Daily Dose: Has a ‘WikiLeaks Wave’ Crashed into Your Agency?

It looks like the WikiLeaks fiasco has generated something akin to a security tsunami, crashing into agencies and forcing them to take a closer look at their information protection protocols. Ed O’Keefe at the Washington Post shares some perspective in this post:

The WikiLeaks saga is forcing officials across the government to complete detailed security reviews by month’s end to try to safeguard against future leaks, asking among other things how agencies measure the trustworthiness of employees with access to sensitive information.

What’s most fascinating – and potentially frustrating – is that this story is stirring up distrust among team members:

In a nod to the concerns surrounding alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning, the administration wants to know whether agencies measure “trustworthiness” among employees without alienating them, according to the memo.

It asks whether psychiatrists or sociologists are used to measure a worker’s relative happiness as a means to gauge trustworthiness and whether they consider despondence or grumpiness as a sign of waning trustworthiness.


What’s going on in your agency?

Are you involved in any security reviews?

Are you see or do you foresee an erosion of trust?

Eager to get your thoughts…


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