Daily Dose: Obama Says ‘Rip Down That Red Tape!”

President Obama’s seeing red…tape, that is. And he’s asked every Federal agency to consider cutting it out. Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post reported today in this article:

Obama orders all fed agencies to review regulations

A few more details are found below:

President Obama on Tuesday ordered every federal agency to conduct a systematic review of existing regulations, a concerted effort to banish red tape at a time when the administration is eager to promote economic growth and to repair its fractured relations with the business community.With a new executive order and two presidential memorandums, Obama laid out a regulatory strategy that aims to walk the fine line between protecting public health and safety and freeing business to pursue profits…[giving] agencies 120 days to create a plan for reviewing regulations. Read the full story here.

Obama also gave shout outs to EPA and DOT for their recent efforts to revamp onerous regulations.

Obviously, this means that many of you are about to become very busy.

How will this Executive Order affect you?

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Jeff Ribeira

Seriously. The less red tape, the better, I say. I know this is pretty recent, but any current federal employees seeing the process happening yet at their agency? I see there’s a 120 day deadline to create a plan, but it would be cool to hear about how this is actually being implemented over the next 4 months.


No nothing tangible yet, but there are signs of shifts occurring @NASA. Change happens slowly, 120 day plan or not, so it may take time before we see any real progress.

Here is a link to a good overview on what to expect with Rulemaking 2.0 which is what I believe is at the heart of these executive orders and memorandums…