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Daily Dose: PETA Helps Gov’t Save Money?

When I woke up and read the Washington Post this morning I found one article particularly laughable:

TSA drops Iditarod recruitment plans after PETA complains

The first things I thought is “oh PETA those crazy SOB’s” but then I had to ask myself “why is TSA recruiting at the Iditarod? Is there some sort government sled dog program that I don’t know about?” At this point I pretty much had to read the article.

Basically what is boils down to is that TSA was going to sponsor the Iditarod in hopes of filling several vacancies at Alaskan airports. OK I get that TSA needs people and that Alaskans love their sled dog races but is the economic climate so good in Alaska that TSA can’t find people for these jobs? I highly doubt so.

On another note PETA saw that TSA was shelling over $100k to sponsor a dog race and quickly rallied to do what PETA does best. Letters later (we didn’t make it to the crazy public gesture part) TSA ended up backing out of the sponsorship and hence saving $100k of government cash.

While PETA didn’t really care about the money being spent but rather what it was being spent on, it still managed to save tax payer dollars.

I’m sure TSA will still find a way to fill those jobs and now their pockets will be a little more full as well.


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