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Dangers of Not Taking Your PTO

As you’re approaching the end of the federal fiscal year, it’s a great time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished. We can tell, you’ve been busy! And you probably deserve some time off. When was the last time you took a vacation? What’s your paid time off (PTO) balance?

More than half of American workers in a Project: Time Off survey left vacation days unused in 2015. The top danger of not taking your PTO is burnout.

We can all spot somebody suffering from a burnout – they work long days and weekends, they’re visibly stressed-out, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, easily agitated, and/or have a negative attitude.

This person may be you. 48 percent of Americans experienced increased stress over the past 5 years and 53 percent say work leaves them “overtired and overwhelmed.” And this can be especially true during the busy year-end close period.

But you don’t have to be a work martyr. Taking your PTO is good for your health and gives your body a chance to destress, recuperate and repair. Research shows it also increase your work motivation and productivity.

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