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Dig Deep to Defend Your Agency

Do you know where your data is lurking? Is it organized, easy to find, and secure in your agency’s cloud environment?  

Or is it scattered throughout your systems and residing on different endpoint devices like tablets or smartphones, leaving it out of your agency’s security considerations?  

If it’s the latter, you’re at risk of bad actors breaking into your network and sneaking past your security measures to do harm. You need to lock your data down, as threats of a cyberattack on government agencies are increasing. 

Your security team needs to safeguard your data with a defense-in-depth solution, letting you locate and protect sensitive information. Defense-in-depth security is like an onion, with layer upon layer of security that attackers would have to breach to infiltrate, making it less likely to succeed.   

If you’d like to learn more about how a defense-in-depth solution can harden your cloud environment against cyberattacks, take a look at this quick video

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