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Esri GIS conference will spark innovation through “Immersion Summits”

Esri’s annual Federal GIS Conference (February 9-10, 2015) gives government employees the chance to take advantage of GIS as an analysis, decision-making tool. At the conference, five “Immersion Summits” will be held that dive deeper into five different categories that GIS is useful in:

  1. Economic and Community Services: Focuses on improving American lives and job creation through providing more accessible information by the public. This summit will show how GIS works with open data to generate economic development and beneficial community services.
  2. Natural Resources Management: This summit will focus on comprehensive water management through data sharing and collaboration across multiple resource agencies such as NOAA, EPA, the White House, and more.
  3. Global Aid, Development, and Conservation: Listen to Esri and GIS experts share geospatial solutions to some of the toughest problems in aid, development, and conservation. US Foreign Aid agencies, international organizations and NGOs will discuss preserving culture, responding to crisis, and planning for a diverse future with GIS technology.
  4. Transportation: This summit will explore the use of GIS in planning better transportation systems that improve safety while boosting America’s economic competitiveness. Presentations will dive deeper into infrastructure projects and how policymakers are responding to severe weather using GIS technology.
  5. National Security: This summit will look at real world examples which discussing how GIS can aid before, during, and after a disaster whether it be technological or natural. Attendees will be able to explore how GIS enables logistics, operations, and strategic command between all agencies throughout a natural disaster.

The conference is sure to be a great learning tool for attendees while exposing them to new networks that will offer further exploration of best practices and ideas. Even better, the conference is FREE for federal employees! To learn more about other sessions and register for the conference click here.

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