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Esri Video Series: Utah DOT and GIS, One Great Team

Our next video in our Esri video series features John Thomas, Planning Director for the Utah Department of Transportation.

Video Notes: John Thomas defines the primary function of the Utah Department of Transportation Planning. He goes on to describe the UPlan project, the key aspects of UPlan and how GIS has aided their mission.

Stay tuned for next week’s interview with David Luhan, GeoSpatial Applications Director, and Doug Genzer, Sr. GIS Analyst for the City and County of Denver.


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Jeff Ribeira

As a one time Utah resident, I find this pretty cool. It’s nice to see that they’re trying their hand at new technologies and collaborating with other agencies. Let’s just hope the monumental task of widening I-15 will finally end in the near future…you wouldn’t think Utah is a hotspot for crazy traffic congestion, but when you only have one major highway, and it’s main stretches along the high population areas have been under major construction for many years, it can get pretty frustrating. Overall they’ve managed the project surprising well considering how huge it truly is. I’d go back to visit just to take a drive once it’s all completed!