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GovLoop Training: How to Streamline and Improve the Federal Government Acquisitions Process

On Thursday, (3/8), GovLoop and Bloomberg Government hosted a training webinar on “How to Streamline and Improve the Federal Government Acquisitions Process.” During the training we discussed current acquisition challenges and how to improve communications with industry to streamline the acquisition process. We also learned some awesome tips and best practices for market research. 1.Read… Read more »

Tracking Twisters: Citizen Stories Shared Using GIS Technology

As we welcome spring we also face the horror of a terrible tornado season. As you know, earlier this year, tornadoes swept through most of the southern states reeking havoc on many American lives. Nowadays, with the wide use of smartphones, people far from the disaster can follow how everything unfolded through eyewitness reporting. AtRead… Read more »

What is the Secret to Social Media Success?

As we’ve seen, social media is an amazing tool for any organization, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do with it. When thinking about social media, ask yourself these three questions: Do I know what my peers in local government are doing to streamline communications? Am I utilizing social media to reach moreRead… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: Connect and Explore!

Esri’s upcoming Federal GIS Conference is just a few weeks away! We’ve been talking about all of the wonderful sessions and resources that will be made available at the conference. At the Esri FedCon, attendees will have the opportunity to learn and grow, but also to connect with one another! What better way to doRead… Read more »

GovGigs Training: Extreme Makeover: Government Resume Edition

On Thursday, (2/2), GovLoop hosted a GovGigs training webinar on “Extreme Makeover: Government Resume Edition.” During the training we discussed how federal job seekers can take their resume from good to great. Throughout the training we heard from our two Expert Resume Reviewers, who revealed their recommendations for moving a resume from ineffective to incrediblyRead… Read more »

Ew. Seriously? So Gross…

Happy Friday Everyone! You know, the beginning of the year usually inspires us to change. Some of use choose to change the way we eat while some of us change the way we spend. The question is, can you do both? Weight loss programs can be expensive, but I think this guy has found theRead… Read more »

Boy Am I Connected!

While working from home the other day, I looked up and realized something. I had 4 devices connected to the internet at one time. Two computers, my phone, and my tablet. I said to myself, “Boy am I connected!” How many devices do you usually have connected to the internet at one time? ———————————————————————– CenturyLinkRead… Read more »