Free Cupcake! 8 Tips to Ensure Flyer Distribution Success

The GovLoop team was up at the crack of dawn today, adorned in our nonchalant gov’t rockstar t-ees. Mission? Hand out flyers for our upcoming Next Generation of Government Summit. Why? A major part of building an online community is getting out in the real-live community.

Here are 8 tips to ensure successful paper flyer distribution

1. Get coffee, redbull, and get your game face on! You need to get pumped.

2. Be ANYTHING but shy – say Good Morning! Smile and get right in the face of the person you are giving the flyer to. Look like you are having a super awesome time. If you are uninterested in your flyer and what you are doing, how can you expect anyone else to have enthusiasm?

3. Design a flyer with a giant, intriguing picture. No small, boring text. You only get the person’s attention for a few seconds before they decide to keep your flyer or ditch it at the closest trash can. Make it count. Something like this works.

4. Wear a bright t-shirt reflecting the brand you are representing. Nothing blase.

5. Make the flyer look desirable: get on a streak where lots of people taking it and stop for a while if no one is. If you hit a line of people where no one is taking the flyer, chances are people behind them won’t either (monkey see, monkey do). Get on a roll w/ people taking the flyer and if the streak breaks, take a few min and start again.

6. Yell – – Free Cupcake! Or – Message From Your Mother! Just not around a 5 year old, because they will be majorly disappointed when you don’t actually have one. Oh, if you want more ideas of other things to shout to get people’s attention, just reach out to Joseph Porcelli. He’ll get you set up.

7. Do this on Friday morning. People are really happy on Friday mornings.

8. Pick a location where you will hit a lot of your target market.

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Yilliang Peng

I appreciate your advice about designing a flier with something that draws the individual’s attention. My wife always puts a picture of something completely unrelated, like a puppy or something to attract their attention. I never knew, however, that if they do not take a flier then the people behind them will not either. I think it is really smart to stop for a bit. Thank you so much!