Friday Fab Five – Fitness, Dancing in Heels and What’s Quora?

Every Friday, we take a quick look back at the week and highlight five members or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s who and what rocked it out this week. Also we want to know how or what you think killed it this week on the site so help us out with your comments below.

5. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to Jane Moncrief‘s Federal Employee Fitness Initiative. First off, this was Jane’s first ever post and I’m pumped that she got such an awesome response. With more than 10 suggestions for how to start up a federal employee fitness initiative, I think we can all look for Jane’s co-workers to be slimming down in the near future. If I had my way, though, the program would include shake weights for everyone. But seriously, here’s one of the good suggestions:

You may want to look at the City of Austin’s PE program; employees actually earn time off from work for participating.Larry Schooler

4. The Top Forum was Should Cities and Agencies be on Quora? by Heather Coleman. The discussion started off slow mostly because several people were scratching their heads as to what Quora is ( I was one of them). Think social Yahoo! Answers and you have the basics down. After the concept was explained, the conversation caught fire. While some people were hesitant it looks like some gov’t is already hopping on board the Quora train.

I think we’re still feeling out what Quora can do. The problem is that with Quora, we don’t get to ask our questions – we have to wait on somebody to ask them. I’ve answered some questions on unemployment, but I don’t think the average person would check Quora to find those answers anyway. – Christopher Whitaker

The City of OKC jumped on Quora this morning and signed up to a.) get a feel for how many local users were active and b.) to ask the question to those users: “would Quora be a beneficial platform for the City to use to answer questions about City services?” – Zach Nash

3. Most Active Group was in a landslide Rock Your Resume. After calling for people to submit their resumes to be rocked by our amazing reviewers who know what it take to land a government gig, the group exploded with more than 150 new members. We want to rock as many resumes as possible, so if you have what it takes to help someone out by giving them resume tips let us know in the group and sign up to be a reviewer… it’s not that hard and you are doing a big favor to lots of people who want to make the gov’t better.

Here are the awesome reviewers that deserve a BIG THANKS:

Sarah Bernart, John Bordeaux, Terrie Craven, Kevin Dubs, Andy Lieber, Vicki Swier, Kathleen Smith, Jim Krzmarzick and Robin Schlinger.

2. Quote of the Week comes from Gwynne Kostin on her own post Doing Gov 2.0 Backwards in Heels. If you haven’t read the post and it’s comments, it’s one of the best I can remember in my time at GovLoop. The post centers around the argument whether Gov 2.0 is mainstream and growing or just for those heavily involved in the public sector. The conversation is this post is awesome with lots of heavy hitters chiming in.

I am neither a wonk nor a geek. I am a citizen, though. I am a citizen who works in government. And I am a citizen who works in a government built on–and sustained by–a massive command and control bureaucracy from a pre-Internet and social networking era. I am a citizen who works in this slow-moving behemoth and trying to make change for my fellow citizens, not to serve wonks and geeks.

1. Finally, Rockstar of the Week goes to Angelo Serra. This is a little biased, but Angelo shared one of my favorite links on the site. Via Angelo’s post you can go to the quiz built by the Columbus Dispatch and try to Balance Ohio’s Budget. Believe me, it’s not easy – I ended up with a $4 billion plus deficit.

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