Friday Fab Five – Peeps You Need To Know, CTO’s and Social Media Policies

EveryFriday, we take a quick look back at the week and highlight fivemembers or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s who and whatrocked it out this week. Also we want to know how or what you think killed it this week on the site so help us out with your comments below.

5. The Most Popular Blog of the Week goes to Jay Daughtry‘s 63 People on GovLoop You Should Know. We really loved this post because it honors people for being great GovLoopers as well as makes it super easy for community members to connect with each other. I’d strongly suggest that you friend all these people… especially number 45 (word on the street is he’s a certifiable bad ass).

4. The Top Forum was Who Should be the Next U.S Deputy CTO?Friend of GovLoop Beth Noveck stepped down and we want to know who you think should take her place. There’s already a ton of suggestions but if you hit the nail on the head I swear there will be package of GovLoop swag with your name on it, so go ahead and guess away.

The first forum was written by GovLoop staff but if we weren’t hogging the spotlight (we’d prefer it be on YOU) the top forum would have been Moderating Facebook Comments and 508 Complianceby Christine Lehmann. Christine asks about how to moderate a social media page to be 508 compliant (kinda of important stuff).

If I’m not mistaken, Section 508 requires you to make sure that YOUR content is accessible. So if you’re posting content to Facebook then you do what you can to make it 508 compliant. If it’s video then you either have post something that has open captions so that the captions are embedded in the video. Or you could provide a link to a version on your .gov/.mil site which has a captioned version. You might even consider putting the transcript in as part of your posting update if it’s short enough.- Scott Horvath

3. Most Active Group goes to Gov Gourmet. Right now the group is going back and forth with good site to pick up recipes and quiet frankly I’m just getting hungry reading it. Also it should be noted that Ed Albetski champion of the group gave out a heads up for the upcoming week being Restaurant Week in DC which means solid deals and good food. I think everyone can appreciate that!

2. Quote of the Week comes from Em Hall on DoD Social Media Policy Expires March 1 with No Follow-up. What’s the Impact?First off the post itself is really interesting. What does happen in DoD doesn’t renew or make a new social media policy. Do service people lose twitter and facebook?

I worked for a nonprofit that supported the military and we looked to the DoD to lead the way on social media. Also, the DoD’s adoption and codification of social media has helped other government agencies to a) legitimize the use of social media by the government and b) model after an already existing system. I hope that the DoD will consider the importance of social media not only to troops and their families – which is by far the most important factor – but also to other agencies that have sought to accomplish what they have with their policies.

1. Finally, Rockstar of the Week goes to both Kevin Dubs and Jeremy Bertrand. First off Kevin has been working tirelessly on the Rock your Resume group. Making that work even more impressive is the fact that it’s on top of all the awesome stuff he’s doing at YGL. Feel free to join the YGL group and also stop in at their happy hour in DC on Feb 10… I know Kevin would appreciate both.

Jeremy came out with a great post just today on 11 tips for government social media. Jeremy runs the social media for WSDOT and definitely rocks it out. My favorite part of his post is when he admits that PSA don’t work:

PSA’s don’t work. You have to give advice a context that will relate to people or they won’t care. I can tell you “prepare for winter driving” but you won’t really know what that means. If I show you a picture of cars in the ditch the message will be caried further and understood more clearly.

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