Friday’s Fab Five: Digital Divides, Long Rides and Job Guides

We’re going to start something new on GovLoop (aren’t we always?):

Friday’s Fab Five!

Every Friday, we’ll take a quick look back at the week and highlight a five members or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s the first installment:

5. The Most Commented Blog of the Week was Steve Radick‘s “Addressing the Digital Divide Within Your Organization.” Steve starts out by saying, “If it wasn’t for my brother and I, my mother would still have a VCR that blinks…” along with the clever inclusion of an image of a blinking clock. Of course, it took him “Five years and hundreds of presentations later” to learn that “my mom, while frustratingly not interested in technology, wasn’t the anomaly – I was.” Check out the 17 comments, too!

4. The Top Forum was Maggie McGary‘s inquiry about “Getting into Government.” She’s tried to break into the public sector for 20 years to no avail. This past week, 15 GovLoopers came to her aid and provided excellent feedback. I hope she posts a blog in the not too distant future, telling us about how she landed one of the coveted gov gigs!

3. Most Active Group honors go to GovLoop North. The core conversation was sparked by Roger Giggey remarking: “HSDC is looking to do a study on the extent and nature of social media use by Aboriginal/First Nations peoples, the disabled, the elderly, new Canadians and/or the homeless.” A handful of people and a dozen comments later: Robert gained great links to websites and research.

2. Quote of the Week honors go to Tara Garwood, who came up with a couple chants and composed a song for the “Gov’t Doesn’t Suck” march…but also acknowledged: “who needs chants when there are vuvuzelas? ;)” So if you’re planning to attend tomorrow and brought back a souvenir noisemaker from the World Cup in South Africa, I want to hear it from Durham tomorrow (because I probably can).

1. Finally, Rockstar of the Week has to go to Andy Bahar who drove 6 hours round-trip from Houston to attend our Austin GovUp on Tuesday night. Though I wasn’t there, my colleagues tell me that she has a ton of energy and is especially enthusiastic about building out GovLoop’s YPro Group – an innovative networking organization for employees of the State Department and USAID.

Look forward to all of your awesomeness next week. Thanks, everyone!

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Steve Radick

Wow – my first inclusion on the Fab Five! Thanks Andy – great to be a part of such a great group of resources this week!

Maggie McGary

Wow–thanks so much for including me–I feel like an honorary gov’t employee! I can’t believe how many great responses I got–nice to see such an active, engaged community over here.


I’d like to thank the Academy… oh, wait… wrong acceptance speech…

Gee, thanks guys! I’m really flattered that you liked my silly little chants and song! 😀