GovUp Chicago: Let’s Open This Sucker Up

Chicago was a great city to cap off a week on the road! I met so many awesome govies in the Windy.

While we had a ton of amazing people in the room I have to highlight our speakers because they were AWESOME. First off it was extremely refreshing to hear Congressman Mike Quigley give govies props for all the great work they are churning out. Congressman Quigley also really hit on the absolute need for open government to restore America’s trust in government. You can do a ton of awesome but it doesn’t matter if no one trusts you. Open government is the bridge back to that trust.

Our other speaker John Conroy, an investigative journalist for the Better Government Association was particularly cool for me since I come from a news background. John is one of those people that wants to see government get better. The work that the newly revamped Better Government Association is doing is another outlet to help the regain the public trust. We need groups like Better Gov and if any of you govies have have tips for them hit them up at their website:

The event was truly awesome and the diversity of the crowd was great. We had GSA folks, Chicago city govies, a few people from neighboring counties and DOL.

Hope we make it back to Chicago soon! Here’s a few pics for the event:

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