Friday’s Fab Five: Leaders, Dumb Committees and the Daily Grind

It’s that time again…

Friday’s Fab Five!

Every Friday, we’re summarizing the best of the week and highlighting five members or moments that were especially awesome.

5. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to Kathleen Schafer for her post entitled “Living the Life of a Leader”. She asks a simple question — Are you a leader? — that elicited 17 responses. A couple of my favorites:

Wow! This could not have come at a better time for me. Sometimes the vision gets hazed in a bit and having people that share the same beliefs clear a bit of that haze out is really inspiring. I do consider myself a leader. I may not be the best, but I certainly strive to be. Jim Crawford

What resonates with me the most is the idea that leadership is less about rank, and more about taking charge of one’s life, based on personal passion, strength and talent. It doesn’t have to be about a job. Lenni Eubanks

Kathleen goes on to ask 7 more probing questions for anybody who believes that their answer to that question is “yes,” then offers several rewards for stepping forward and standing out.

4. The Top Forums would have been my What’s Your Favorite Movie Honoring Veterans?” but I had an unfair advantage! 😉 So two other forums that stirred up some significant energy actually centered on the same theme: the behavior of crowds. The first post was actually a 224-slide deck called “The Real Life Social Network” shared by Bill Brantley. Put together by a Google employee based on his research regarding online behavior, the deck is an incredible resource for anyone seeking to engage people online. The second great forum discussion — “Smart Crowds, Dumb Committees” – was sparked by John O’Leary. Ever see ‘group think’ happen in your organization? Do the ‘experts’ commandeer the conversations? Bad news for you…and if you’re fed up with it, here’s the forum for you to vent.

3. Most Active Group: One of the coolest new groups was also the most active — Gov’t Video Professionals. The group was created by Tara* last week, but it’s already jumping off with a thoughtful critique of a new Presidential Management Fellows video. People are introducing themselves and the group includes folks like Scott Betts, a video producer with Frederick County Maryland government and Gregg Porter of the DoD Defense Imagery Management Operations Center. As the group grows, I am sure we’ll learn a ton from each other about best practices in video production.

2. Quote of the Week is going to be another multiple winner award and it comes from Mr. GovLoop’s forum titled “In 7 Words of Less, What is Your Average Day Like?”. Here’s some of the sweet succinctness:
  • stay tuned-in pending next hot potatoe arrival – Cheryl Ward
  • Coffee. Email. Quick!-Coffee-Now!-Coffee. Aaah 🙂 – Marie Crandell
  • Drinking. Coffee. And. Looking. For. A. Job. – Kevin Haughwout
Trust me, coffee and caffeine were a common theme throughout…good for Starbucks.

1. Finally, Rockstar of the Week is going to go to Kyle David Jones. Haven’t heard of him? Neither had I…until he posted a great question in our forums: ‘Asking for the Job at the End of the Interview: Too Forward?’ That question generated several great responses and enabled him to break into our Top 20 Most Active for the Week. Kyle is a Student Building Manager at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis…so feel free to friend him and share your own tips for interviewing and landing a job.

Looking forward to all of your awesomeness next week. Thanks, everyone!

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Thanks for getting the word out about our new group, Andrew! GovLoopers, please join us if you are interested in video production! It’s shaping up to be a great group!