The Big Apple Wants to Save Big Bucks…and Wants Your Help!

New York City’s Mayor’s Office is calling for financial ideas and creativity as a new open government platform. The public is being asked to complete a form online and share their money saving ideas. According to the office, ideas will be reviewed by the Mayor’s staff and the best will be sent for further consideration and/or implementation. A summary of all ideas will also be posted on for public access.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Cool idea although wish they would have used a UserVoice/Ideascale/Spigit type solutions so people could see other ideas submitted and vote up/down

Christina Morrison

This is great – good to see New York City seeking out the ideas of its citizens. I agree with Steve’s point though– it would be nice to be able for others to see the ideas and vote on the ones they like the best. Perhaps this is just the first step, and the mayor’s office will eliminate responses that are implausible or not serious and allow voters to approve/disapprove and comment on the remaining ideas.