Get a Helping Hand Through Outsourcing 

Many state and local government agencies and educational institutions (SLED) view digital modernization as a pathway to improving their services, but a number of stumbling blocks can impede their progress.  

Here are a few of their challenges: 
• The complexity of IT systems: SLED IT teams are challenged to pursue their modernization efforts while also supporting increasingly complex technology deployments. This may demand specialized skills that go beyond what’s readily available in your IT staff.  
• Time and effort spent supporting legacy systems: even as they look to the future, technologists must devote extensive time and effort to the daily care of legacy systems. 
• Talent acquisition for specialized roles: there’s intense competition for IT talent where specific expertise in cybersecurity, network management and other key roles may be hard to come by. 

To overcome those obstacles, SLED agencies should consider outsourcing to managed and professional services to run their agency to help them achieve their strategic goals more effectively.  
Download this report to learn how a managed services approach will allow SLED agencies to pursue innovation and digital modernization. 

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