Get Your GL Swag On!

If you’ve been to any event with GovLoop, you know we love to pass out some swag. Whether it’s handing you a landyard at a GovUp or throwing a t-shirt into a crowd, we love seeing Govloopers sporting some green and yellow!

Want swag of your very own? GovLoop is now giving you a few ways to get it!

How Do I get Swag?

1. Invite 5 Friends to join GovLoop and get a free Government Rockstar T-shirt!

2. Become a volunteer and get a free Government Rockstar T-shirt!

3. Buy GovLoop t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and lanyards.

What’s the first thing you should do when you get your swag?

We want to see you in you GovLoop swag! Put it on, grab a camera, and show your GovLoop pride! Take a picture and upload it to GovLoop! Be sure to tag each photo “GL Swag.” Creativity counts because your fellow Govloopers will vote on their favorite picture! Voters should hit the “Awesome” button below a photo to vote. Whoever gets the most “Awesome” button clicks wins a Starbucks gift card! May the best swag win!

Already have GL swag? Have a funny story about someone commenting on your lanyard or t-shirt? Be sure to share it in the comment box below!

For more info on how to get your swag on, check out the GL Swag Page.

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Megan Price

I once got very mysterious stares from several people at my gym for wearing the “I’m BIG on GovLoop” T-shirt. Now, I just wear it to be funny while working out 🙂