Get Your GovLoop on Kindle!

It all began with a couple tweets from Jenn Gustetic:

Well, we agreed and I quickly did some sleuthing and learned that it was a fairly easy process to add a blog via Kindle Publishing for Blogs. So we completed the simple process and — voila! — you can now get your GovLoop on Kindle:

And since I’m a Kindle owner, I thought I’d show you a pic of what it looks like on the screen:

NOTE: Yes, it’s $1.99 to download. If we had our druthers, we would have charged nothing for it…but Amazon basically affixes a fee that we can’t waive. Fortunately, it’s not very much and we plan to use it for honoring awesome members and community leaders.




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Jenn Gustetic

I am yet again convinced govloop is one of the best social networks out there. Who else is as responsive to their community?!? Nobody… Good work guys! My dad and many others thank you 🙂

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, Jenn. Ask…and we’ll work our —– off to make it happen if we can.

…and would love to see a photo of your dad reading GovLoop on his Kindle 😉

Brooke Scott

This is great. How will it work for the Nook? Are there government agencies or localities out there using e-reader blogs to communicate?